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Alternative Media Index

Given the distressing (and frankly immoral) behavior of what has come to be known as “Big Tech”, I have decided that there needs to be a place one can go to find sources of social intercourse, information, and entertainment, that are not under the Sauron’s Eye gaze of Google, Facebook, Apple, Amazon, and Twitter.


ServiceHome BaseViewUploadURLNotes
BitchuteUKFreeFree** 1 channel, with limits
Committed to free speech
Odysee (LBRY)USFreeFreehttps://odysee.comUnlimited channels
Uploads limited to 4GB per file
Limited free speech
LBRY.tvUSFreeFreehttps://lbry.tvParent of Odysee
Requires Downloaded App
Unlimited uploads
Committed to free speech
GAB.TVUSFreePro*https://tv.gab.com1 Channel, with size limits
Committed to free speech
BrighteonUSFree???https://www.brighteon.comMultiple failed attempts to establish an account.
DailyMotionUSFree???https://dailymotion.comI don’t have an account here, and don’t want one.
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